Thursday, December 7, 2006

Pearl Harbor - December 7, 1941

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With apologies to MK and a h/t to Townhall, I'm stealing this tribute:

The best place to hear about it is from survivors, and you can see many of their stories on You Tube,many of them interviewed with the very scene of the attack as abackdrop, now all peace and sunshine and palm trees. I went to PearlHarbor in 2005. It being Hawaii, the place was absolutely gorgeous.

It struck me that the servicemen there in December of 1941 probablyhadn't been too displeased with their orders when they ended up servingin a 70-degree paradise in wintertime. Hawaii was less developed then,of course, but still beautiful, dotted with enough naturalattractions to keep anyone spellbound. Perhaps they were consideringtheir good fortune as they strode the decks of the Arizona thatmorning. Maybe they were looking out into the breezy blue and countingthemselves lucky to in paradise instead of Pennsylvania.

Then, blue skies clouded with Japanese bombers, calm waters caughton fire, and those young men became fighters and casualties in a warthey didn't even know had started.

Follow the link and read the rest of it, it is a great tribute. It has been 65 years since the devastating attack on our forces at Pearl Harbor started the great American war machine churning and precipitated our entry into WWII. What was accomplished then will never be forgotten.

Thanks to the Americans of that era, the people of today feel free to bash their President, military and countrymen with aplomb. Thanks to those brave and tireless fighters and the working people that stayed behind, Europe is free to bash America and promote terrorism vis-a-vis anti-american policies of appeasement and defeatism.

Thanks to that war and the outcome, the Jewish people regained their homeland. They've been fighting for it every since with little help from the world that was on the brink of a German Suzerienty. As long as free people continue to forget why they are free, the world will be a dark and dangerous place.

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