Sunday, December 10, 2006

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Shuttle Blasts Off in Rare Night Launch

Dec 9, 10:39 PM (ET)
(AP) Space Shuttle Discovery lifts off from launch pad 39B with a crew of seven at the Kennedy Space...
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CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) - Discovery lit up the sky late Saturday, blazing off for the first nighttime space shuttle launch in four years - the latest step in NASA's ambitious schedule to complete the international space station.

The shuttle's fiery ascent turned night into day for spectators at the Kennedy Space Center. A cloudy sky with blustery winds earlier in the day gave way to clear skies and a gentle breeze at launch time.

"I think we have five people who just haven't stopped smiling yet," commander Mark Polansky said after Discovery reached space.

The mission is one leg of a three-year race to finish construction on the orbiting outpost before shuttles are retired in 2010. After Discovery's mission, 13 more shuttle flights are needed to complete the space lab.

I didn't get to see this lift-off but I'm glad to see the shuttle back in space. I'm kinda psyched about the moon base, I always thought they should actually do something with the moon instead of just visiting it.

Now, just how long will it be before we put a man on Mars?

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