Saturday, December 9, 2006

If not for Vandals, Kim might not have died

The story from Fox News is that if vandals hadn't broken the lock on the gate to the little one lane road the Kims used, they would probably not have gotten stranded. The person(s) that did this deserve to be brought to trial for the contributing circumstances of their actions [if caught].

Kim Family Took Deadly Wrong Turn Because Vandals Cut Lock on Oregon Road's Gate
Friday, December 08, 2006
GRANTS PASS, Ore. — James Kim likely would never have made what turned out to be a deadly wrong turn, had vandals not cut the lock of a gate blocking off a remote logging road in the Oregon wilderness, authorities said Friday.

The road that Kim and his family drove down before getting stranded deep in the Rogue River Canyon is normally blocked by a locked metal gate, but it was open the night they got lost because a vandal had cut the lock, authorities said Friday.

This is a sad turn to the story. Now we know that it wasn't just a wrong turn that doomed Mr. Kim, but a vandal and a broken lock that led him down that path. Granted, there is no way to know if the Kims would have gotten stuck somewhere else along the road they were traveling (since they had gotten lost), it seems that the (alleged) deliberate removal of the lock is the central reason the family was stuck. I feel very bad for the family and friends, and I would imagine that somewhere out there a person is feeling worse than me realizing they caused this.
Reason amongst the wilderness

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