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Nazi? Middle East cease-fires

LGF has a thread on the latest Nazi speak over at Dkos (follow their link if you can stand it); I read the 'diary' and the comments while I could, the diary was typical of most of the Dkos diaries not written by a 'pro'. You could tell this person was really worried about something and the people at LGF were really really scary (heh). Have the people at Dkos really ever read their own comments? I would challenge this diarist to read the comments on most Dkos threads and then make a comparison to any 'right-wing' blog's comments.

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas meeting with French presidential candidate Segolene royal, Sunday in Gaza. (AP)

IslamicJihad said Sunday the week-old Gaza Strip cease-fire is on the verge ofcollapse, due to what it called repeated Israeli violations.

"Calmis on the edge of collapse due to the continued Zionist violations andthe attacks against our Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza,"Abu Ahmed, a Gaza-based spokesman for the group's armed wing, said in astatement.

Notice the theme here, the palestinians are worried about Israel breaking the cease-fire and are threatening violence. I read alot and havn't seen any issues about Israel breaking the cease-fire, but I'll grant these people may know more than I do :) But how do you explain these issues?:

Rocket fired at Israel from Gaza despite truce

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - A rocket fired from the Gaza Strip slammed into southern Israel on Sunday in the latest violation of a truce called a week ago, an Israeli military spokeswoman said."

There were no injuries caused by the rocket that struck acollective farm near the Israel-Gaza border. So far more than adozen rockets have been fired despite the ceasefire, nonecausing any casualties.

Israel's security cabinet was expected to discuss thestatus of the ceasefire later on Sunday, media reports said.

This is the news I've been reading about the Israel/Palestine issue, rockets were falling INTO Israel from the Gaza strip and not the other way around. The palestinians have not been serious about this cease-fire since it started. They will ultimetly break the cease-fire in 'retaliation' of Israel's aggressions (heh).
Peace will never be possible until both sides acutally want peace.
Reason amongst the dhimmikrauts

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