Saturday, December 2, 2006

Florida SEC Champs

Florida Gators Florida beats Arkansas by 10. Now it's up to the pollsters and the computers to decide between Michigan and Florida.

It would help kill the BCS quicker if Michigan goes, but it would be 'right' if Florida went.

Once upon a time, losses mattered (when you had them) and you could NEVER have one at the end of the season and survive. Until the BCS (yes Florida lost to FSU and then went on to play for the title in '96, but other people lost to put Florida there, they didn't lose and STAY 2nd).

I truly think Florida can and will beat Ohio State (if they go). We already know that Michigan can't beat OSU. They lost already to them and it should have been by 11 (phantom pass interference calls shouldn't count).

Tomorrow will be a busy day with the bowls all being decided. I'll try to post some on that. Lots of news happening today too, but I'm in 'football' mode, so I've been reading alot but not posting (heh). I start midnights tomorrow night, so not sure on the posting, but if it's slow at work, I may get some late night posts in. (link)

Reason amongst the dhimmikrauts

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