Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Most Beautiful Women in Hollywood !!!

Ok - I'm gonna go a bit off the reservation and produce my list of the 5 most beautiful women in Hollywood.

1.) Thandie Newton (multiple roles - was in Crash, MI-2 and on ER for a season)


2.) Kristen Kreuk (Lana Lang on Smallville, played in Snow White and EarthSea)


3.) Grace Park (Boomer on BattleStar Galactica)


4.) An actress to be named later (leaning toward Catherine Bell with short hair - I don't like her long hair)

5.) An actress to be named later (not sure who I'm leaning towards)

You'll notice that #4 and #5 are empty. Thats because there are always two revolving seats on my list (kinda like the U.N. Security Council but much hotter)

You'll also notice that these permanent ones are "Women of Color". That is mostly preference I guess. My wife is of Thai descent so I'm attracted to Asian women (so naturally Grace and Kristen make the list). Black women are also attractive to me as well (so hence Thandie Newton).

The women I choose for my list are not just for their looks but also for how they comport themselves as ladies in the public eye. So please spare me any condescending comments on me being "horny" or anything like that. I just would like to keep a running tab on who I find to be the most beautiful women on screen.

One note here -> my wife is THE most beautiful woman on the planet IMHO. But she is not a current Hollywood star and noone would know her if I put her pic up (which I will not do - sorry guys). So she doesn't go on this list. Now if she were to dust off her SAG (Screen Actor's Guild) card - she did national TV commercials as a child - and do movies or TV shows now, she'd go to the top of my list !!!

So in a subsequent post I'll round out the list. Once I've done that, please post yours !!!


Twilight Rider said...

Kristin Kreuk should be your #1! :D Flawless beauty. Her eyes bring you in, soft voice, soft spoke. There's nothing bad about her.


Lord Nazh said...

heh She wouldn't be my #1, but she is one great actress.

Thanks for stopping by ;)


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