Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Flying Jihadis !!!

Ok - I need to apologize in advance for not making "pretty" posts like Nazh. I will learn how to do so in the future and eventually will be as good as he is on this site.

So for my second post on LordNazh I thought I'd speak to the recent problem with the 6 imams getting thrown off the flight. You all know about this as it was in the news recently but I thought I'd weigh in on it.

Here are my thoughts on the subject !!!



Here's why...

These 6 imams staged this entire event.

Here are the facts as we know them so far;

1.) The imams prayed in a public area of the airport and very loudly. (not illegal in and of itself - but such behavior can be disconcerting to passengers)

2.) The imams were heard (by a muslim passenger) making loud, disparaging remarks about Iraq and Bush (again, not illegal, but add this behavior to #1 and the "pucker factor" rises up a notch)

3.) The imams moved to the exit rows as well as the front and the back of the plane. (This is the exact behavior consistent with the 9/11 attacks.)

4.) Three of the six passengers had 1-way tickets and checked no bags (again - consistent with 9/11)

5.) Some imams requested seatbelt extensions when they clearly didn't need them.( Such extensions, with heavy metal ends, can be used as weapons)

6.) The seatbelt extensions were placed on the floor in front of them. (Why request the extensions if you're not going to use them?)

Check it out at;


My thoughts...

Look I'm a nervous flyer and I always pray before takeoff and landing. Why? Because statistics show thats when things are most likely to go wrong. I have no problem with people praying - but please do it so it doesn't make others uncomfortable. These muslims could've waited to do their prayers after they landed. Subsequently their behavior warranted their removal from the flight. These muslims were deliberately provoking a security response which would entail them getting kicked off the flight. They knew what they were doing and knew what would happen as a result.

Why did they do this? Well, from my point of view this was designed to fabricate a controversy so that more regulation could get passed so that pilots in the future would have to weigh their careers vs passenger safety. One more step along the way to make it easier to attack the U.S. in the future.

Remember, you get hit when you lower your guard. Never let your guard down !!!

Sorry this post is short but I want to open this up for any comments in case someone thinks me bonkers.

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