Sunday, November 12, 2006

Blog roundup

From the 'Links I Visit':

  • LGF with pissed off Palestinians.
  • Instapundit with trouble for an airline.
  • Ace of Spades with Veteren's Day.
  • Townhall with election demographics.
  • StoptheACLU on surviving after the loss(election).
  • Observations with the new Al-Queda tape.
  • Buffalo's Path with a Veteran's Day remembrance (buff is a vet).

  • ===-----====----====----===----===
    Wolrd News:
  • Anti-Corruption official accused of fraud. (heh)
  • Ortega's return to power in Nicaragua.
  • Ahmadinejad blast the UN Security council.(man bites dog)
  • Elton John wants to ban your religion.(no matter what that is)
  • Olmert sits down for a Q&A session.(why is this guy still in power?)

  • __________
    Reason amongst the dhimmikrauts

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     Recently played a few games on Caldera (warzone) and then... Lots of luck in this one, but satisfying