Thursday, October 19, 2006

Harry Reid

From HotAir comes a Republican video about Harry "I'll amend my ethics" Reid and various other Dhimmikruat scandlas in a political ad.

The ad itself needs more 'umphh' but at least it would get the word out (since the MSM isn't to helpful) on the fact that both parties seem to have thier problems and it should be the issues that decide votes, not the scandals. It's amazing that the scandals will dry up shortly after the vote, because they no longer matter then. The next major group of scandals will happen just before the next election. But what's more amazing is the number of people that vote based on scandals. They willingly vote for a candidate (or not against them) that doesn't share any of their views on the major issues because a 'scandal' was revealed before the election. These people need to be better educated on the issues. Especially what is important to them, there is no reason to vote for someone that is against what you believe in simply because of a scandal.

Will this work? Not only are all these little influence scandals submerged in Foleygate, but after Duke Cunningham and Abramoff, a tu quoque about Democratic corruption isn’t the strongest card the GOP has to play. I hope.Nice to see Dirty Harry eat a little shinola, though. Click the image to watch.

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Video: GOP debuts Harry Reid “chain gang” ad; Update: Larry Elder ad added


Reason amongst the dhimmikrauts

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