Thursday, October 19, 2006


Al-CNN showed extremely bad judgment if they showed the tape for ‘journalistic honesty’ as they claim, but good judgment if they did it as propaganda for the enemy in Iraq.

I have not and will not watch the video, unlike most moonbats, I realize that in war ‘actual’ people get killed and do not need to see it. Al-CNN hasn’t shown one piece (that I can find) of Americans killing ‘insurgents’ but as ratings decline (hello Fox) they felt they needed something to boost the bottom line. That and trying their best (the MSM in particular) into turning this war into Vietnam II.

There have been many comparisons to this Ramadan and the Tet offensive during the Vietnam war. What most people don’t know (or realize) is that the Tet was a serious loss for the Communist forces and should have been the major turning point in the war in FAVOR of the U.S. and south Vietnamese. But, thanks to the MSM of the time, it became a major turning point away from winning that war. Realistically it’s hard to imagine losing a war that you win every battle in, but thanks to the MSM propaganda machine, that’s what happened.

The MSM of today, the Al-CNN’s, Al-Reuters, et al, are trying their best (with help from the dhimmikrauts) of losing the war in Iraq. From Rosie (wrong) O’Donnell to ex-President Carter, there’s plenty of help for the MSM war machine.

What can you/we do to stop this? Nothing, but we can help our country and our soldiers by voting this November and voting Republican. There’s no way our servicemen will survive or Iraq as a country will prosper if the dhimmis win Congress this year. The next two years would simply be impeachment and withdrawal. People need to really look in a mirror and decide if ‘punishing the republicans’ is worth what the results will entail.

VOTE: it’s not a privilege, it’s not a right, it’s a DUTY

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