Thursday, November 3, 2016

College Football - Week 10

New rankings starting this week as the CFP rankings were released.

SEC 4-2↑(57-18) and 3-2↔. Top 25 7-9↑ (78-42) and 10-6↔

Picks for the week (T25 will be using the CFP system and all SEC ranked schools will be in that list)

SEC (non-ranked)

Seems the site I was looking at to get the spreads only had some games and not all games; I've already missed 2 Top 25 games and at least 1 SEC game; was in a hurry and didn't double check ><  so the results will be a little off ;)

Tennessee hosts Tennessee Tech (noline)
South Carolina  hosts Missouri(-7)
Georgia  at Kentucky(-2.5)

Top 25:

#1   Alabama at #13 LSU: ↑LSU(+8.5)
#2   Clemson hosts Syracuse: ↑Clemson(+26)
#3   Michigan hosts Maryland: ↑Michigan(-31)
#4   Texas A&M at Mississippi State: ↑A&M(-13.5)
#5   Washington at California: ↑Washington(+17)
#6   Ohio State hosts #10 Nebraska: ↑OSU(+17)
#8   Wisconsin at Northwestern: ↑Wisconsin(-7)
#9   Auburn hosts Vanderbilt: ↑Auburn(+25.5)
#11 Florida at Arkansas: ↑Ark(+3.5)
#12 Penn State hosts Iowa: ↑PSU(+7.5)
#17 Baylor hosts TCU: ↑Baylor(+7.5)
#18 Oklahoma St at Kansas State: ↑KSU(+3)
#19 Virginia Tech at Duke: ↑VT(-11)
#20 West Virginia hosts Kansas: ↑WV(-34.5)
#21 North Carolina hosts Georgia Tech: ↑NC(-10.5)
#22 Florida State at NC State: ↑FSU(-5.5)
#23 Western Michigan won on Tuesday night (argh)
#24 Boise State hosts San Jose State: ↑Boise(-29)
#25 Washington State hosts Arizona: ↑WSU(+17)

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