Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Football Picks

6-3 last week, bad pick (Troy), bad luck (Arkansas) and bad coaching (Tennessee) ack; season now 33-9 (78.6% wrong direction) with more punch this week and a much harder schedule for most.

Tennessee beats up South Alabama; gets the offense in gear for at least one game and looks like they may turn the corner (how that holds up next week...) 38-12

[12] South Carolina at undefeated UCF; trap game for the 'cocks and Spurrier is usually good in those. The defense gets it done 17-3

[6] LSU at [9] Georgia; this is the game that will determine if LSU is capable of beating Bama (ikr); a tough place to play and UGA is looking good. With the new-found prowess of their qb, LSU gets it done behind the flashy offense. 41-34

[21] Ole Miss at [1] Alabama; years past this game would be a cakewalk; Bama's D isn't that good and Miss' O is decent; not enough for the upset though; UA 21-17 over the Rebels

[10] Texas A&M at Arkansas; should have been undefeated Arkansas, alas #karma heh; Johnny Football will spring back to the top of the heisman polls after this game; it'll stay close through 3, A&M 42-20

[20] Florida at Kentucky; Florida 39-12, if it's that close

Arkansas State at Missouri; Mizzou gets to 50 and cruises - 52-24

UAB at Vanderbilt; trap game for Vandy, UAB has some offense, not enough this time though; Vandy 28-21

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 Recently played a few games on Caldera (warzone) and then... Lots of luck in this one, but satisfying