Monday, August 5, 2013

Road tripping fun

So a few weeks ago, I set out on a journey that most every parent dreads. My daughter,  my youngest son, and myself, set out on an amazing road trip of a lifetime. We headed to Twenty-Nine Palms, California from Florence, Alabama to take my daughter and her two furrbabies to be with her Marine hubby. Even though this was a trip of a lifetime and one item on my bucket list. As pulled out of our driveway, there wasn't a dry eye in the car. It felt as if I were taking my 1st born away and life would never be the same.

As we finished a few errands in town, and finally set out on our journey we all began to make the best of things; singing, talking, even laughing and having fun. We stopped at the Mississippi state line and snapped a picture of Lindz under the state sign, something we've always wanted to do on trips but just never did. So we agreed to do the same for each state we crossed. 

Not more than 2 hours into our trip we stopped to gas up, walk the doggies, and get drinks and junk food. Something we would do every 1-2 hours the rest of our trip. As I came from paying for our junk, Lindz asked me to unlock the car. Well, I didn't have the keys, neither did anyone else... they were in the car with the pups? Yes, one of the dogs, Lucy, somehow hit the lock button....  trying not to panic that not only were the dogs locked in the car with the windows up, but so was the only set of keys! So I quickly called the police and of course they were not able to help. Next I tried Kia Roadside assistance but the lady explained she had never heard of a situation like this and wasn't sure it would be covered but also the wait time would be at best 90 minutes. So I hung with her and called our insurance company State farm.  

They were wonderful. The guy assured me a locksmith would arrive within 20 minutes. As we waited, we tried everything to get Lucy to hit the unlock button but with no luck. We were so worried because it was over 90 degrees and the windows were rolled completely up. Surprisingly within maybe 5 minutes, this sweet couple pulled up and the man jumped out and said he had received a call about a lockout with 2 dogs in a hot car,  so they left their shopping and hurried over. Within 5-10 minutes he had the doors open. The wife was sure to keep conversation going to help lower our tension. I was so impressed at how fast, courteous, and sweet they were. I mean it was Sunday afternoon,  most families are enjoying their downtime and he was on call. We thanked them repeatedly,  I tipped the guy, and we were finally on our way again.

Part 1, hopefully to be continued (LN)

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