Sunday, July 7, 2013

Dwight Howard chooses Houston, Titles to come?

We have a decision. It's not The Decision, but Dwight Howard, the most coveted free agent in the National Basketball Association has decided that the Los Angeles Lakers is not the franchise for him. He has decided to play ball for the Houston Rockets to the tune of 4 years and a total payout of $88 million.

As a fan, you need to understand some things with regard to context to make an informed decision as to whether you believe that Howard has made a wise choice. Dwight Howard considers himself the premier center in the NBA. He just told the most prestious franchise in his sport, who could offer him $30 million more than anyone else, to go stick it. He'd be happier elsewhere. Howard's diva behavior and attitude are such that I believe he can not win multiple titles in the NBA. He is more Carmelo Anthony than Kobe Bryant or Lebron James. He doesn't have the "killer instinct" to be a top 5 player in the NBA.

The Houston Rockets are not devoid of talent. They are an up and coming roster with young core players.  Howard was in a place with some of the all time great players, who won championships and created mystique over the decades, and he beat a path out of town. The best in any industry want to work at the top firm. The ego welcomes the challenge of working your way to the top of the ladder. Will the Lakers have to rebuild during the length of Howard's contract? Most likely so, but Howard is 27 years old, the next 4 years of his life are the prime years of his career, and he wanted to go to a lesser franchise. It shows me too much about his character to make me believe that he can lead a franchise to multiple championships.

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