Saturday, August 18, 2012


Almost football time (college yay, pro yay)

Tennessee Vols (ESPN power #30, AP #33, Coaches #43) starts off with NC State in Atlanta on Aug 31 (7:30 eastern on ESPNU)

Dallas Cowboys (Pre-season Power ESPN #14) starts (regular season) with a bang at the Giants on a Wednesday night NBC game


Chrysalis said...

You not an Alabama fan?

I'm still a football-fan-in-training:)

Mostly because whenever I've tried to learn the rules, I make the mistake of asking questions during the play itself, like an idiot. Then, I'm shushed, of course.

As for pro, I was a growing Denver fan - now I'd have to go NY Jets because of Tim Tebow - the Manning situation concerns me?

I'd have to agree that Tennesee owns this region of the U.S. at this time of year.

Now, come basketball season time, it's all about da Kentucky Wildcats.

DalaifromDetroit said...

Home for lunch with my girl, Chrysalis, when we popped in to read your picks. I'm a Lions and MSU fan, myself, but I've become partial to the ways of the Southern people.

And in return, yes, I am teaching her the actual rules of football, despite the "Wait, why'd they do that?" every 5 minutes

Lord Nazh said...

Hell no on Alabama :) I'm from Tennessee, just live here. Hate the jets although I like Tebow; Denver will rock with Manning.

DD, can MSU please put Michigan and Notre Dame in the loss column...hard?

Chrysalis said...

Haha! (Re: Alabama)

D, that's only partially true. Okay, it's totally true, but sometimes you guys don't know the answer either, and instead of saying "I don't know", pull stuff out of...the air:)

(Like I'd know the difference, but the fumble gives it away;)

DalaifromDetroit said...

Hate Bama, and although I bleed MSU, I hope Michigan gives them a good beating, in their first game.

MSU should be able to take Notre Dame easily, but their coach is in a rebuilding year, at MSU, so Michigan will be tough because they have almost a full squad returning.

But who knows, everyone plays their best when the big rivalry comes (even though we play Michigan at the Big House this year!)

If we get the time, I hope to take Chrysalis to that MSU/Michigan game and then about 117,000 people will drown out both her questions and my lack of answers lol

Good luck to your Vols

Lord Nazh said...

Thanks DD; good luck on you guys too :)

Hoping to fly in to Dallas for the Pittsburgh game with a buddy on Dec 16, but need a little o/t first hehe


 Recently played a few games on Caldera (warzone) and then... Lots of luck in this one, but satisfying