Thursday, August 30, 2012

Football Picks

This year I'm going to pick all the SEC games... so the picks...

Thursday night South Carolina will look lost in the 1st half and walk away in the 2nd against Vanderbilt 31-19

Friday night will have Tennessee outgunning NC State in the Georgia Dome 34-20


Georgia plays Buffalo (not the Bills) and wins 55-10
Florida hosts Bowling Green and finally settles on a QB : 49-3
Ole Miss at home versus Central Arkansas; should be an easy game, it won't be though: Miss 21 Cen Ark 20
Jacksonville State at Arkansas ... sheesh too much sugar in that cupcake ><  Ark 66-20
Jackson State at Mississippi State should be decent for 3 quarters: MSU 31 JSU 13
Geaux Tigers?
North Texas at LSU (ouch) LSU will roll without the Honey Badger(TM) 52-21
SE Louisiana at Missouri will be close up until the kickoff ... Missouri wins 45-6
Auburn against ranked Clemson in the Georgia Dome; should be an exciting game, can AU's defense stop the Clemson pass attack (minus their #1 reciever)? Yes, I think they can :)  AU 27 Clemson 25
Alabama versus Michigan in Dallas: Is Michigan back? Is Alabama ready to repeat? One question will be answered the other will be waiting.

Alabama 30 Michigan 17

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