Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Love of Vampires and Books

    Okay so my life was pretty much normal, well normal for me, until a little over two years ago when a friend introduced me to an HBO series called True Blood.

Now mind you, during this time another vampire series was very popular but I could not stand nor understand all the hype, but something about the characters and the fact that the show is based around Louisiana, an area I am truly in love with too, sparked a great obsession.

I recall the first time watching an episode of True Blood, they were replaying the previous season drawing excitement for the upcoming season. I couldn't help but fall in love with the story lines. Mixed with humor, fabulous looking sex symbols, and a little drama, I became intrigued. I would stay up for hours devouring every episode from the very beginning, thanks to my sweet boyfriend for giving me the idea to hook my laptop up to my TV. I had found a website that had all the previous episodes and I was set.

As season 3 started, I was frantically searching for each new episode online until flipping through the channels one evening I discovered my boyfriend had HBO! Eureka! So from that moment on Tivo was set to ensure I didn't miss a single moment of those sexy vampires from Bon Temps.
Sadly and all too quickly season 3 came to an end and life was bored yet again. I made it through several months of withdrawal and decided I had to do something to pass the time so I found the books the series is based on.

Now I had never been an avid reader, it would take me months to finish most any book. At the time, I could probably use both hands to even count how many books I had actually ever finished, let alone enjoyed. I checked online for the Sookie Stackhouse novels and headed to our local Books a Million to get started. I looked for all the novels and decided to purchase a Nook reader so I could be sure to have every single book when I needed.

Any reason to get the latest techno-gadget is an added bonus, and so began a remarkable journey for me. I was reading at a fantastic pace for someone with my level of passion for reading, an entire book within 24-48 hours! I couldn't believe it. There is just something about Charlaine Harris' writing that just draws me in and I can't put her books down. Not to mention, the sexy and humorous story lines were just what I was looking for. So before I knew it I had read every single book available and anxiously waiting for her newest release. Before long the weather was warming and as my kids were getting excited about their summer break, I was excited for something else, my True Blood was almost back!

So as usual, HBO began airing the previous seasons and there I sat, glued to every moment, watching episode after episode. Now caught in a vicious cycle, waiting for nearly 9 months to catch my favorite Bon Temps residents and the sexiest vampires, finally having a whole 3 months with them and then feeling like I had lost half my family, I began searching for more vampires to fall in love with. I found another author I was loving, Anne Rice.

Now her writing is quite more advanced and the reading took a lot more time, I even reread many parts to make sure I was grasping all the books had to offer, and then I rewarded myself by watching Interview With a Vampire. I mean come on, Brad Pitt was an absolutely delicious vampire along with Tom Cruise, yummy! Lol Anyway, this book sparked my curiosity with another series by Anne Rice. I began the MayFair Witches series and then it lead me back to her Vampire Chronicles. A little burnt out on her writing for a while, one of my kids friends knew of my True Blood obsession and gave me a series of books by P.C and Erin Cast, The House of Night, which I have recently began reading. Now I have two new loves, the love of books and reading along with an obsession with vampires...

Today I am pouring through The House of Night series, watching series 4 episodes anytime they replay, and counting the days until my True Blood makes its season 5 premier.

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James Higham said...

Lady Nazh - now that's a development. An actual post over two paragraphs and a good one too. I try to steer clear of vampires.


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