Thursday, May 17, 2012

In the News Today

     We have all been there... you are sitting there, trying to catch up on the news and you end up just shaking your head. Today has been that day for me. Not only is today National Pack Rat Day but they have announced Skechers is in hot water with the FTC  (Federal Trade Commission). The FTC says Skechers made false claims and promises in their ads, when stating their products aide in weight loss, tone legs and shape your rear. The most notable ads show Kim Kardashian wearing her shape-ups out walking. While some research has even shown people gained weight while using the shoes, others saw no results and actually did less walking because of the discomfort from wearing the shoes. Another area that has Skechers in trouble is their touted scientific studies that have no backing, a chiropractor that supposedly conducted studies was actually a spouse to one of the corporations employees.
Although Skechers still maintains their Shape-ups and other toning shoes produce results, they have reportedly settled for $40 million. When I first heard this I thought that should teach them! Until I learned they earned billions on the products... shaking my head.

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