Friday, April 27, 2012

My how time flies

As parents we work and strive so hard to bring our children up to be happy, healthy, responsible adults that we sometimes get lost and before we know it they are crossing into adulthood. A day we long for, yet dread. It doesn't help that the most stressful time for most parents is the teen years. The phase that is full of power struggles and seemingly life changing choices keeps us on our toes and we tend to get so caught up in the mindset of "when you are grown" that we forget just how close that is. As I look at our daughter I am full of joy and bittersweet happiness as we prepare for her graduation. It seems not long ago we were walking the halls, meeting her kindergarten teacher with excitement and fear. Now we are about to enter a whole new phase of life, I'm reminded of the words my mother told me, "when you have a child of your own you will understand", oh my how she was so right.


EvilMidniteBombr said...

Graduation!? WTF!? She's only like 10 or 12 years old, right?

Lord Nazh said...

Lil Bit is 10 :) PG is graduating. Her daughter (and now mine)


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