Saturday, November 12, 2011

Football Picks of the Week

Running late this week; got married last sunday :)  I'll get a pic or 2 up later

5-2 in the SEC last week (27-8, 77.1%) 3-1 in T25/US (15-9, 62.5%)


Tennessee travels to #8 Arkansas; not a good game to get on track in the SEC for the Vols :(  Arkansas has more weapons than we do. Arkansas 35 - UT 20

Florida is at #13 South Carolina; SC should beat them like a drum; somehow I don't think they will and Florida will pull the upset (and send Georgia to the SEC championship); FL 28 - SC 27

Kentucky at Vandy; elimination day for one of these teams (bowl wise) and it will be Kentucky; even with the win over Ole Miss last week; I don't think they have the defense to stop Vandy this year. Vandy 41 - Ky 30

#20 Auburn at #15 Georgia; Auburn wins, not pretty but they keep doing it; No one is hotter than Georgia lately and somehow they keep it going; UGA 25 - AU 19

Western Kentucky is at #1 LSU; ouch LSU 55 - WKU 9

Louisiana Tech at Ole Miss; Should be an easy win for Ole Miss; but nothing works like it should; La Tech 29 - Ole Miss 19

#3 Alabama at Mississippi St; trap game for the tide as they just lost to LSU and play Auburn in 2 weeks; the bulldogs are hungry and at home, too bad it's Alabama; AL 35 - MSU 12


#9 Clemson back on track against Wake Forest;
#5 Boise St rides home field against TCU;
#16 Texas slides past Missouri;

U/S #14 Kansas State loses a close one to Texas A&M

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