Friday, October 14, 2011


Earlier I spoke about Cain's 9-9-9 plan and how I liked the idea (since their is no fully fleshed out plan yet, can't comment on it exactly; but at least he's looking to do something). Now Rick Perry (my 1st choice since Sarah isn't running) has come out with his Energy plan and it's quite possibly what he needs to get back to front-runner status.
Rick Perry
Energy powers the economy. Nations that can produce energy possess real wealth, if they can exploit it. Getting the US back into energy production in a serious way would probably have similarly broad effects to your getting the stable and well-paying job. Our downgraded credit gets upgraded again because we’re making rational choices about the lifeblood of the economy again. Obama’s push to a green economy was not rational; that technology isn’t ready to power an economy of our size yet and won’t be for a long time. So we become rational economic actors again by unleashing our energy sector. Increased supply pushes energy prices down, which helps every family and business in the country, which broadens the tax base, which helps alleviate the deficit (if spending is brought back into sane levels). Energy producers like Venezuela and Russia have to respond to the new American competition with expanded production, or price cuts, or both. So energy prices get more downward pressure. America’s stepped up production helps bring market forces to bear on the global economy in a good way.(link)
Read it all. The Tatler has a great take on it. It's the kind of plan that could coalesce a campaign and make a President. Tags: ,

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