Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Football Picks of the Week

5-0 in the SEC last week (18-5, 78.3%) and 2-2 in T25/US (8-8, 50%)


Tennessee starts another new QB (freshman this week) against #13 South Carolina. SC has lost it's #1 running back for the year and kicked off the starting QB; however, their defense is super against the pass. Doesn't look good for UT, but I'm going to say that home field and a non-Sims start prove the difference in the upset. UT 21 - SC 18

#10 Arkansas at Vandy: Vandy is playing extremely well; but that won't help them win this game, although it should be close. Ark 28 - Vandy 21

Bleacher Report
#22 Georgia vs Florida in the World's Largest Cocktail Party: Georgia is on a roll, Florida is in flames (although they do get their starting QB back); I think in this game it will be too much UGA and no running game for the Gators. UGA 31 - FL 20

Ole Miss visits #23 (really?) Auburn: Both teams are sucking up the atmosphere; Auburn was good at some point however and that's enough. AU 20 - Ole Miss 7

Miss State at Kentucky: Can they both lose? MS 12 - Ky 6


#6 Stanford rolls at USC,
#9 Oklahoma rebounds at #8 Kansas State,
#7 Oregon beats Wash St by at least 35

U/S #14 Nebraska beats #11 Michigan State

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