Sunday, April 17, 2011

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The Braves swept 2 from the Mets yesterday (4-2 and 4-0) to climb to 6-8 (ouch).

The NBA playoffs started finally (regular season is way to damn long) and Rose showed why he's MVP material in leading a 10 point comeback for the Bulls (104-99) over Indiana. The Hawks took down Dwight Howard and the Magic 103-93 behind Joe Johnson's 25 and Jamal Crawford's 23. The old guys (Nowitzki and Kidd) for Dallas showed they still got some hops as they took out Portland in game 1 (89-81) and finally the 76'ers are still not quite there, but getting closer as they started strong against the Miami Heat, but faded as James, Wade and company turned up the defense and put it away (97-89).

Sarah Palin spoke at a tax day Tea Party rally in Madison, WI (home of the fleabaggers) as she tried to explain to the unions that without Walker as Gov, quite a few of them would be home without a job. Breitbart had some special things to say to quite a few of them himself [heh].

And the search can finally begin for survivors from the mega-storms that swept through the southeast yesterday and Friday. Here in North Alabama, it was brutal with the rain and wind, but at least we didn't get the tornadoes that other parts of the area got. Prayers and thoughts go out to the loved ones of the dead and missing.

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