Saturday, April 9, 2011


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From a Wine and Spirits convention to the NRA, Sarah palin's makes her way around the speakers' circuit.
BLTWY: Sarah palin, speaker-in-chief

Bristol palin was well worth the $332,500 she was paid to be an ambassador for a foundation aiming to prevent teen pregnancy, the organization's founder said Wednesday.
Foundation: Bristol palin worth $332K compensation

As the deadline to avoid a government shutdown approached Friday night, Sarah palin pushed Republican Congressional leaders one more time to hold their ground. Notably, some of palin's ideological counterparts -- and fellow potential 2012 presidential candidates -- disagree with her, counseling GOP leaders on Capitol Hill that it's time to cut a deal.
Sarah palin Tells GOP 'Don't Retreat', Other Potential 2012 Presidential Candidates Disagree

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