Friday, April 8, 2011

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A day after the judge handling the NFL lockout lawsuit urged the sides to go "back to the table," the players and owners both expressed a willingness to do so. The hitch: Each offered to meet for talks in a setting the other finds unpalatable.
NFL, players disagree on who should oversee talks

NFL players who have sued the league have written to Judge Susan Richard Nelson embracing her recommendation to take part in mediation under the court's auspices, the NFL Players' Association said.
NFL players open to court-supervised mediation

A federal judge will hear arguments on Wednesday from lawyers representing current and former NFL players who want the league to lift its lockout and this year's football season to proceed.
NFL, players take dispute to court

The NFL and NFL Players Association agree they should return to mediation. They just can't agree on anything else. The two sides traded letters earlier Thursday, essentially agreeing that more negotiations are needed in their labor mess, but disagreeing o.
Two sides trade letters in NFL labor fight

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