Thursday, March 10, 2011

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Las Vegas casinos, fighting hard to rebound from a dreadful stretch for tourism, face a new threat if NFL players and owners can't agree on a new contract.
NFL work stoppage could dim lights in Sin City

NFL owners and the union representing it players were back at the bargaining table on Wednesday and made some headway on a rookie wage scale but stalled on how to split $9 billion in revenue.
NFL and union intensify talks as labor deadline looms

The NFL players' union has ruled out the possibility of extending the regular season to 18 games as talks with the NFL and owners approach the next deadline with several issues still unresolved.
NFL-Players reject 18-game season as labor deadline nears

Thursday's mediation session between the NFL and NFL Players Association was one of the most well-attended yet.
NFL labor committee members return to bargaining table

NFL Players Assn. seeks more financial information; owners say they've already shared more than ever. On one side are NFL owners saying they couldn't possibly be more forthcoming.
In NFL labor fight, a books review means a lot

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