Tuesday, March 29, 2011


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NFL players are defending their decision to disband the union, saying employers cannot force workers to unionize, and dissolution is "not akin to turning off a light switch."
NFL players: Lockout causing 'irreparable harm'

NFL players are suffering "irreparable harm" because of the lack of offseason programs and free-agent signing period, according to a legal briefing filed Monday by plaintiffs attempted to lift the league's lockout.
NFL players criticize league in lawsuit

Four former NFL players, including Hall of Fame defensive end Carl Eller, sued the NFL on Monday in hope of joining current players in their antitrust fight against the league and halting the lockout.
APNewsBreak: Former NFL players join lockout fight

A New York judge says the NFL must be limited in how much money it can recover when injured NFL players receive state workers' compensation awards. Judge Paul Crotty wrote in a decision Friday that the NFL sometimes wants to recover more money than it is entitled to receive to offset its salary and benefits expenses for injured players.
NY judge limits NFL in workers comp cases

The NFL and Roger Goodell may have their draft day Kodak moment, after all. The players' association will not have an alternative event go head-to-head against the NFL on the first night of the draft, although the union - technically now a trade association - has said that it prefers that prospects not attend the televised affair at Radio City Music Hall.
NFL Players Association won't hold draft event to compete with NFL

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