Thursday, March 31, 2011


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One hundred fifty years ago next month, Confederate militiamen opened fire on Fort Sumter, in South Carolina, in the first battle of what was to become the Civil war. It was to be fought in 10,000 places, costing the lives of more Americans than any other war. The process of understanding what took place, of wrestling with its implications, has ...
Burns documentary reissued for Civil war anniversary

As the world's attention is focused on the conflict in Libya, another African country -- the Ivory Coast on Africa's west coast -- may be sliding toward another bloody civil war, according to observers who keep a close eye on warring factions there.
Shades of civil war seen in Ivory Coast

With the war on AIDS nearing its 30th anniversary, the UN on Thursday declared "a moment of truth" had come for new strategies to address the campaign's failures and brake costs that were now unsustainable.
After 30 years, war on AIDS at 'moment of truth'

AMONG THE factors leading to the French and Dutch rejections of the European constitution last week, none looms more ominously than the nightmare of antagonism between ''the West" and Islam. Many Europeans fear a rising tide of green, both within the continent and from outside it. Where once communists threatened, now Muslims do. A new wall is being built.
The war against Islam

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