Sunday, March 20, 2011


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A state effort to offer legal residency to many illegal immigrants is driven in part by the influence of the Mormon Church. President Obama's aides were flabbergasted. Here was Mark Shurtleff, the conservative Republican attorney general of deeply red Utah, explaining how he and other GOP officials had approved a statewide version of the immigration measures that the president and his ...
Utah bucks conservative trend on illegal immigration

The democratic uprising in Egypt has brought into relief a gradual and little-noticed transformation in American politics. Over the past decade, ideological divisions on the role of democracy and human rights in American foreign policy have been scrambled.
A conservative split aids Obama on Egypt

Who says there are no conservatives in San Francisco? SF's own conservative talk station KSFO is airing a new, homegrown talk show at 1 p.m. Sunday starring Reagan- and Bush-appointed former US Atty. Joe Russoniello and...
New SF conservative talk show: Stars ex-KTVU boss, US Atty. Joe Russoniello

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