Tuesday, March 22, 2011

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The NFL asked a federal judge Monday to keep its lockout in place, saying there are no legal grounds to stop it while accusing the players of trying to manipulate the law with a bogus antitrust lawsuit.
NFL: No legal ground for court to halt lockout

NEW ORLEANS - The NFL and its players say they are prepared to resume talks for a new labor deal. But to keep their legal arguments in play, neither side is taking the steps to actually make those talks happen.
NFL asks court to deny lockout motion

Figures obtained by The Associated Press underscore the substantial divide between the NFL and the locked-out players on a core issue: What portion of additional revenue goes to players. Players' share of incremental increases to all revenues under the NFL's expired contract was about 53 percent from 2006-09, according to calculations by the accounting firm that audited the collective...
NFL players got 53 percent of incremental increase

The NFL asked a federal court on Monday to keep its lockout against players in place while the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) rules on an owners' complaint against the players' union.
NFL-League asks court to keep lockout in place

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