Monday, February 28, 2011

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Texas has the most conservative congressional delegation in the country with Sen. John Cornyn and Reps. Randy Neugebauer and Sam Johnson ranking most conservative among their colleagues, according to a report released by the National Journal. Senate photoSen. John Cornyn...
New study: Texas delegation most conservative in the country

Republicans Jane L. Corwin and David Bellavia are trying to outdo each other in conservative credentials this week as they vie for the minor-party line that could prove crucial in the upcoming 26th Congressional District special election.
conservative stripes shown by Corwin and Bellavia

New charges laid against the federal conservative party and four of its officials should not have moved ahead until a key court case was settled, a party spokesperson said Friday.
conservative Party 'disappointed' charges filed

conservative Mychal Massie, chairman of the black leadership network Project 21, is calling on liberal African American leaders to back up their charges of racism against the Tea Party.
conservative African American: Debate me, Sharpton and you libs!

WASHINGTON -- Who's the most conservative senator in Congress? According to one new ranking, Republican Sen.
Chambliss tied for No. 1 among most conservative senators

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