Monday, January 3, 2011

Friends n Feeds

Got some good friends coming over tonight to drink a little and play some Black Ops :)

Trying to incorporate some feeds into the blog system (from BlogOverdrive) but have as yet not figured out how to get the links to show with the feed (in contact with support on that) so that news (various) will be posted a couple of times each day even if I don't have time/inclination to post.

Great football this weekend with a few more college games to go and the NFL playoffs set.  Hopefully Arkansas and Auburn can uphold the SEC this coming week (and Kentucky, but meh).

Dallas didn't make the playoffs, so it's time to root for Indy and Peyton :)


James Higham said...

Black Ops eh? Are you any good?

Lord Nazh said...

I'm pretty decent :)


 Recently played a few games on Caldera (warzone) and then... Lots of luck in this one, but satisfying