Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lose and Win?

By STEPHEN SINGER, Associated Press Writer Stephen Singer, Associated Press Writer – Tue May 18, 4:57 pm ET

HARTFORD, Conn. – Connecticut's secretary of state has lost an election lawsuit she filed against her own office in her quest to run for state attorney general.

The state Supreme Court ruled unanimously Tuesday that Democrat Susan Bysiewicz (BYE'-suh-witts) isn't legally qualified to hold office as Connecticut's top prosecutor.

Connecticut requires that its attorney general practices law in the state for at least 10 years.

Republicans maintain that Bysiewicz's 11 years as secretary of the state should not count. A lower court had ruled that Bysiewicz had met the requirement. The state GOP then appealed to the state's highest court.

The high court's decision comes just days before state Democrats meet Saturday to endorse a candidate for attorney general and other statewide offices.


James Higham said...

What are the implications?

Lord Nazh said...

She felt that her time as Secretary should be counted towards 'lawyer' time so she could run for attorney general. You have to be a practicing attorney for 10 years I think it says before you qualify. She has not, but felt she should get credit for being in office.

She lost :)


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