Monday, October 12, 2009

Don't Poke Me!

Police in Hendersonville, Tennessee have obtained screen grabs of the victim's Facebook page showing evidence of the poke, according to the local newspaper The Tennessean.

Jackson, who lives in Hendersonville, faces up to a year in prison and fine of $2,500 if she is found guilty of breaching the protection order. She is due to appear in court later this month. (link)
Kind of a silly article, but if you're not supposed to contact someone, I guess poking on Facebook would be contacting them. Although you can't do anything but 'poke' with that feature and afaik it can be blocked, I really see no reason for the police to be involved in this one. Of course I'm not involved in this (even if it's close to me) so I don't really have a say in it.

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