Friday, November 7, 2008

Tuba Man

Not sure how many of you watch baseball (and the Seattle Mariners) but they lost an icon recently when the 'Tuba-man' was killed:

To this list I pass along another loss, perhaps the saddest: Seattle's most visible, beloved and melodic sports fan -- Tuba Man -- is dead.

Seattle knew Edward McMichael by sight or sound, the bespectacled guy with the wispy beard and floppy Uncle Sam and Dr. Seuss hats. For decades he breathed life into his shiny brass instrument, outside city sports venues.(link)

Say prayers for any family and friends and give a thought to all the fans that saw him year after year (even when the Mariners stunk).

*note: I hate the Mariners, but I do remember seeing this guy on TV occasionally when they would talk about the life before the game kind of things

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