Saturday, November 29, 2008


Marisol Nichols (Nadia)
It's not just a TV show anymore. In a season that saw the head coach ousted and the offense put the word offensive back into the football lexicon; Tennessee found a way to take the Kentucky game for the 24th time.

Holding Kentucky to less than 200 yards while racking up that many on the ground. The defense set the tone and continued to hold the line the entire game (with the exception of a 'trash' touchdown late).

Final score 28-10; but it wasn't that close. Sorry EMB :)


EvilMidniteBombr said...

Kentucky football has been very disappointing this season. Mostly after losing some of their best players to injury. Their offense just hasn't been able to produce much since.

For a defense that was doing so well for most of the season they let one of the worst offenses in the SEC just run all over them.

After their performance in the last few games (especially vs Florida) I'll be surprised if they actually get a bowl invitation.

The one bright spot, IMO, is freshman QB Randall Cobb. I think this kid has the potential to be a star.

Lord Nazh said...

Tennessee finally did what it should have been doing all year and just ran the ball.

Their quaterback play has been terrible since day one and yet they continued to rely on the pass (and get nothing from it) but today, they ran the ball 53 times :)

Ky will be in the Music City bowl again while we sit home, just glad to not be the 1st UT team to lose 8 games (only UT and Ohio St have never lost 8).


 Recently played a few games on Caldera (warzone) and then... Lots of luck in this one, but satisfying