Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Remember when MTV played music?

Do you remember when the "M" in MTV meant 'music'? If you're like me, you stopped watching MTV a loooooooooong time ago. Back when they would only show music videos in ½ hour blocks once every few hours. I didn't mind shows like Remote Control. But after that MTV went down hill fast. Filling air time with junk like Real World and Road Rules.

Well the good times are back. Sort of. MTV is still confused about their initials. Now the music is back in MTV, it's just that the TV is not TV anymore. I'll take what I can get at this point.

I first read about this on (link) and when I read it I was excited. I know that you can probably find most of these videos on Youtube or scattered elsewhere on the internet. But with MTV behind it and with their massive video archive maybe we will actually get some real quality videos. It has to be better than some geek using his cell phone to record video of his TV playing a 20 year old VHS tape recording of Money For Nothing. I've played around with it some and was unable to find some of my favorites, but I have hope. Another thing that would like to see come from this is an ability to make a channel or playlist. You could base it on Genre, Era, Group, or whatever. I would, like, TOTALLY watch that. Fer Sher!

From this article on ars technica:

MTV smacks YouTube, posts almost every music video ever

Do you sometimes find yourself wishing that there was a place you could go to just watch music videos? Back in the 80s, MTV served that purpose. These days, MTV and its sibling MTV2 are hardly channels anyone would watch in order to get a music video fix. MTV is looking to redeem itself in the music video department, however, by launching a new site Tuesday called MTV Music that opens up the company's massive video archive and puts it on the web for free.

MTV Music expands upon the music video offerings already posted to by offering an entire back catalogue of videos that go all the way to when music videos were born. The library includes more than 16,000 videos, sprinkled with "exclusive" MTV concert footage and MTV "Unplugged" performances that used to be all the rage. And that's just the beginning. According to a blog post on MTV's Splash Page, more videos are being added by the day, so even if your favorite Paula Abdul selections haven't been posted yet, they probably will make it up eventually.

There is more info at the ars technica link above. Please go check it out.

If I may speak for the entire 80's generation....

IT"S ABOUT *&^*@(%@#$ TIME!

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