Monday, July 14, 2008

This We'll Defend

If you've ever seen one of Great Satan's Army drill sergeant NCO's on TV or in the flesh - you'll notice a really cool badge they wear that shows Great Satan's Constitution as an ancient body armour breast plate, a torch, a vigilant serpent and 13 stars repping the 13 colonies emblazoned with the totally correct and historically proven motto "This We'll Defend"

And it really hits home. Great Satan truly faces a despicable enemy.

There are moments that throw the nature of America's enemies into the sharpest possible relief.

One such moment came this week, as the Army revealed that it had identified the remains of two US soldiers taken captive in Iraq.

Pfc. Byron Fouty, 19, and Queens-born Sgt. Alex Jimenez, 25, were captured last May after heavy fighting in Iraq's then-explosive Sunni Triangle.

The body of a third captured GI, Pfc. Joseph Anzack Jr., was found not long afterward - but Jimenez and Fouty's families held out hope for their return.

Until now.

It's the smallest of comforts that the country may now never know what, precisely, the pair endured in captivity.

Captured Americans in Iraq have been subject to all means of torture - including public beheading - in the furtherance of militants' sick propaganda aims.

Such brutality turned Iraqis against al Qaeda en masse - as soon as American resolve gave them the chance.

It also gives lie to the tired cliché that America somehow loses its "moral standing" by, say, keeping terrorists locked up at Gitmo.

That facility, of course, has been the subject of dozens of front-page New York Times profiles - alleging everything from stressful interrogation techniques to the violation of prisoners' religious sensibilities.

(This is the same paper, mind you, that devoted barely eight Associated Press paragraphs - on Page B6 - to the discovery of Jimenez and Fouty's remains.)

Left unsaid is that detainees - despite, as non-uniformed combatants, having no standing under the laws of civilized warfare - are given free access to medical care and religious accoutrements.

Not to mention, freedom to return to the battlefield - and kill Americans - provided there's insufficient evidence that they intend to do so.

Heck of a way to run a war, huh?

Actually, it speaks to the night-and-day difference in honor and decency between America and her enemies - a difference that Sgt. Jimenez and Pfc. Fouty gave their lives to defend.

Rest in peace.

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