Saturday, July 26, 2008


One of Great Britain's cool speaking, articulate couture chicing pro proponents of the Queen's English is Edward Beaman. Right up there with Oscar Wilde, Sir Winnie and Uncle Tony, Beaman consistently brings the bling to the Eng.

Thanks to the miracles of high tech, such wordsmithery wizardry can be easily applied on a global scale. And with a unique, one of a kind, personal touch.

Pen Me A Poem is Brit Cat Beaman's literary site that allows poetry and prose to be commissioned for any occasion - for loved ones - THE loved one (and frienemies and enemies too).
"If you are looking for a unique personalised poem for a friend or loved
one, then you have arrived at the right place. The work I create for you will be built from scratch and will not be found anywhere else.

At all times during the process of drafting your piece, I will be in contact with you via email from where you can be in the front seat regarding the
direction in which your order progresses. "

This is significant. In a millennium of Hallmarx, Shoeboxes and mass produced cards, sentiments and emotions printed by robots en masse, tend to lose much of the moment - the meaning - that truly makes events and people especial, endearing and essential.

For custom, commissioned works of art in word - Pen Me A Poem is designer class.

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