Sunday, June 15, 2008


Moved the computers to the apartment today (no internet until Wednesday at the earliest) so no posts or visits unless I get free time here at work (like now).

Something to pass the time:

In a previous post we talked about the need to drill here drill now to help overcome our oil supply issues which is really driving up the price of oil and putting pressure on the economy. There have been reports of a lot of oil still left in the United States either in Alaska or off the Atlantic coast. There is Oil in these locations but there is a lot more in the form of what is termed Shale Oil. There is a lot more of this Oil in deposits through out the US. A lot of this is in the State of Utah.

Utah has many times been referred to as the gold mine of the United States because of the rich concentration of all type of minerals found in the State. The majority of the copper available in the US comes from Utah as well as Silver and lot of other minerals. Well it has shale oil too and a company is working on a plan to extract that oil and use it for the United States.

Great read about a possible help to the oil problem in this country.

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