Sunday, June 1, 2008

Obama and the Shaft

Barak ('he who's middle name must not be named') Obama recently (finally?) left his church after a 20-year fact-finding mission.

Not one to make a hasty move, BO made sure he had all the facts (from someone who was awake during sermons) before kicking the entire church under the proverbial bus. From Wright to Pfleger, there was no opportunity earlier for him to make a principled stand, so he had to wait on youtube and the news agencies to help him...

Yea right. Various leftist websites and the MSM (redund?) will spin this as no big deal (and a distraction!!!) and continue to compare it (favorably to them) to the Hagee endorsement of McCain. Yet it seems that BO isn't the only one asleep during the sermons eh?

In other good news for BO; Hillary's chances at the nomination took a swift kick in the underpants when the DNC decided that each voter in Florida and Michigan was half a person. {I think they shouldn't get any delegates because of violating the rules of their party, but that's just me} and awarding BO more delegates than the 'other' option in Michigan received during the vote. You'd think if your just going to 'makeshitup' and do it that way, they could have done it long ago.


Winfred Mann said...

BHO is an opportunists who would have us believe he didn't know the church he attended for 20 years was an anti-American organization. rotfl. But I must believe he wasn't that stupid. If he was, he's too stupid to be POTUS.

And Hilliary, now knows what it's like to have the Left attack you; she didn't like it at all.

The Democratic Party has become the party of disenfranchisement. More laughs at these phonies.

Lord Nazh said...

The sad thing is, this is nothing new for the party that nominate "I have the hat!" Kerry in '04 :(


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