Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Name that Party

LANSING -- Three Detroit City Council members have asked Gov. Jennifer Granholm not to remove perjury defendant Kwame Kilpatrick as mayor.

Monica Conyers, Barbara-Rose Collins and Martha Reeves signed the May 27 letter. The council voted 5-4 May 13 to ask Granholm to oust Kilpatrick and to undertake its own removal process.

You know the drill; the article is only 5 paragraphs long and contains the names of a Gov., Mayor and 3 council members. Yet not one word on which party (or parties) these upstanding citizens belong to. It's on but the article is an AP one (according to the byline) so it qualifies I'd think (heh). For more NtP fun go here.

Not taking bets on the party affiliation, the odds would be very bad for anyone to miss... except maybe journalists.

Don "That's not the Kwame I used to know" Surber links: thanks!

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