Saturday, June 7, 2008

Follow up story: Stolen police gun used in home invasion

The other day I posted about a property owner that killed two masked thugs that broke into the house he owned and demanded money at gunpoint. I had been wondering where these thugs got this gun. Obviously they got it at a gun show. Because we all know that's where all of the criminals buy their guns. We know this because The Brady Campaign and the main stream media keep telling us so. Well, the Louisville Courier Journal printed this story today:

Stolen police gun used in home invasion

The gun that one of two teens brandished when they were fatally shot during an apparent home invasion this week had been stolen from a Louisville Metro Police officer, police said.

Officer Phil Russell said the gun was stolen in 2006 from an officer’s car or residence.
Let me repeat that. "
the gun was stolen in 2006 from an officer’s car or residence." Wha-wha-wha-what? The gun was STOLEN? No way!

Here's a little more info on one of the slime balls.

Jefferson County court records show that Springer was arrested May 23 on charges of trafficking in a controlled substance and tampering with physical evidence. He had been released on his own recognizance and had a court hearing set for June 16.

In May 2007, Springer was convicted of carrying a concealed deadly weapon and sentenced to 60 days in jail, which was conditionally discharged.

No records were found for Turner.

Turner was the one in my prior post that the television stations were holding up as a good kid. Well, he may have been, but he chose to associate with the wrong crowd. That almost never turns out well.

I swear the City Of Louisville oughta give Mr. Jackson a medal and a parade.

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