Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Woman And Her Gun

WAVE 3 News
Woman grabs gun, foils burglary at her home
Mother's Day turned out to be one that won't soon be forgotten for Donna Dedas.

Dedas and her son returned home to find a strange truck parked outside and two men inside their home - 40 year-old Larry Tedrow and 43-year-old James Brewer. That's when Dedas took action.

"I went in the backdoor and came up the steps and as I was going up the steps the two men had my pillowcase and things in their hand and they went right out the front door," she said."I got my gun and came out and got on the deck. I yelled at them to get down on the ground, then they jumped in the truck."

There are so many things that could have gone wrong in this situation. Especially if she hadn't been armed. If that had been the case, she may have not entered the house. The report never says in what town or area that she lives. Since they only mentioned it as Bullit County (no pun. that really is the name of the county) I am going to assume that it is pretty much in the middle of nowhere. If that is true, the time it would take for law enforcement to get there would be an eternity. Especially when there are two men in your house stealing your valuables (and food).

Dedas says one of the suspects then began dumping jewelry out of his pockets onto the road. Bullitt County Police tell WAVE 3 this was not the first home the pair hit Sunday afternoon. At least four others were burglarized that day with computers, a digital camera, .357 magnum handgun and more than $800 stolen. And it appears that was not all two were taking.

"These nuts, stealing meat, that's a little different," Detective Scotty McGaha told WAVE 3 News, as he pulled three packs of meat from a police department freezer.

Donna Dedas also had a package of meat taken from her freezer.

Yeah. They were stealing meat, too. Go figure.

You never know when you will be the victim of a random crime. It really could happen to anyone. To me, the most important thing in this situation is that this one woman was made equal to two grown men because she is an armed citizen. Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton both want to take away your right to own a gun. We cannot afford to let them get into the White House. It is imperative that these two are defeated. More importantly, we HAVE to elect men and women into the Legislative branch that believe in the Constitution. That believe that the 2nd Amendment is an individual right. That believe it is our God given right to be able to defend ourselves and fellow man by any means necessary. This woman is walking proof of how important it is to be able to defend yourself and your home. If BHO or HRC (to a slightly lesser extent Juan McCain) make it into the White House you can bet your bippy that the 2nd Amendment will be one of their first targets.

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Lord Nazh said...

Good for her! What is it with lawmakers (mostly D) that want to ignore the 2nd amendment but (attempt to) honor the rest?

(of course they kill the 1st, but at least they think it is supposed to be there)

Hilton Head said...

Good for you Donna and you are exceptionally hot! I still remember the bikini picture!


 Recently played a few games on Caldera (warzone) and then... Lots of luck in this one, but satisfying