Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wannabe Pundits

A favorite of James Taranto is his section called 'wannabe pundits' where he quotes part of an article and asks you to guess what it is about.
Philadelphia: Rev. Jeremiah Wright was born in Philadelphia. Even if, like me, you think many of Wright's remarks are being lifted out of context for political purposes, now would be an excellent time for him to meditate in a remote monastery in Nepal for the remainder of the year. Example of context: attack ads show Wright saying only "God damn America." Deleted is the full quote, "God damn America for treating its citizens as less than human." The full quote isn't extremism, just an overblown choice of words. Steven Waldman, author of the must-read new book "Founding Faith," about the religious values of the Framers, recently noted, "Many of the Framers believed God would either bless or condemn the new nation based on its moral behavior, and so would have found perfectly fitting a warning that God would damn the country for wickedness."*
Now guess what the article is about.

Did you guess ... the NFL Draft? Why not?

(*the 'context' of the quote by Rev. Wright is his sermon, not just his sentence. So in bitching about context and 'lack of it', the writer does the same thing he complains about)

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