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In the rough and tumble headknocking footstomping world of democracies, political power - it's use, acquisition and loss of are always up in the air. And like all tolerant, egalitarian societies - politics in Little Satan is no exception.

Under pressure to split the scene because of financial hanky panky - Little Satan's PM has a member of his own party hint that he split - for the good of the nation of course. And it wouldn't hurt the political party either

"the party cannot ignore recent events and must act to restore the public's

Little Satan's Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister is the original danger kitty. And Tzipi Livni got game!

Ex IDF, Ex Mossad, law degree from Bar-Ilan University, and practiced law in a private firm for ten years before winning an election to the Knesset, and served as a member of the Constitution, Law and Justice Committee, and the Committee on the Status of Women. Also served as the chairhottie of the subcommittee responsible for legislation of the Prevention of Money Laundering Law.

Tzipi became Panzer General Sharon's blitzing fair haired babe in founding Kadima, the old warrior was enamored, impressed and totally charmed. May 2006 appointed Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs in the 31st Government of Israel. Also served as Minister of Justice from November 2006 until February 2007.

Natch blonde with eyes as blue as the Med over which her bedroom looks, Tzipi still knows how to slash a concealed opening in her skirt or dress to reach for that sweet little killing Berretta PX4

Her high IQ -- she consistently registered at 140+ in tests -- and her superior marksmanship - learned growing up on the farm-- together with her book learned saavyness, sassiness and social skills, made Tzipi a delish surprizing prize for Little Satan's spy guys - the Mossad.

"Mossad is perhaps the most feared intelligence network in the Middle East - far
more than CIA and above even Russia's GRU - and British Intelligence."

At 007 school, Tzipi blew away her teachers and targets with killer marksmanship, her stealth abilities like breaking into secure environments, cracking safes and stealing secrets.

And that sexyful hot bod too.

Ex Director General of Mossad Meir Amit reveals that Tzipi

" would have been asked questions about her attitude to using her sex. Would she
sleep with a stranger if her mission demanded it? She would have learned how to
use sex to coerce, seduce and dominate. She would be told that using her sex for
the good of Israel is permissible. But all Mossad women agents are high-minded

They know the risks involved. That takes a special kind of courage. It is
not so much a question of sleeping with someone. It is to lead a man to believe
she will do so in return for what he has to tell her. That does not begin to
describe the great skills which are called upon to achieve this".

Hottie Naughty Tzipi has never leaked any leaks about risque rowdy ruses or her 'great skills'. She doesn't have to.

Comrade spy grrrl Cheryl Ben-Tov, the Mossad agent who played a player and captured Mordechai Vanunu in London, has said that Tzipi was "like all of us, good at her job".

To be a good spy - or even one who survives takes nerves of cold rolled chromium steel. The very qualities and qualifications that made Tzipi one of Little Satan's top agents may very well be called upon again if she replaces PM Olmert as Little Satan's leader.

Then it will be Tzipi's finger on a trigger far more lethal than the automatic she still totes and fires almost daily.

It will be her decision, if all diplo - political efforts get played, to launch Little Satan's military against the HAMAS (not only in Gaza - but West Bank coup probability also), Hiz'B'Allah, Syria or Iran or all 5.

Tzipi still cultivates and maintains contacts in the shadowy world of espionage and intell - hooking up and hanging with cats like Great Satan's spy General Michael Hayden, Great Britain's
Sir John Scarlett of MI6 as well as Europa's secret agencies.

Meir Dagen current Mossad Director has been an especial friend for along time. Dagan
encouraged Tzipi to hold secret talks with Basharopolis that may be a cause of concern to the Axis of Evil. And to make an honest effort to marginalize HAMAS and Fatah with honest attempts to create a Palestinian state.

"I still believe in our right to the whole land, but felt it was more important to make a compromise. We cannot solve who was right or wrong in 1948 or decide who is more just. The Palestinians can feel justice is on their side, and I can feel it is on my side. What we have to decide about is not history but the future."

When and if that fails then she is ready to, "crack the whip".

"The boys club atmosphere at the top level of Israeli decision making. Sometimes
there are too many 'guy issues' in all kinds of discussions. I hear arguments
between generals and admirals and I say 'guys, stop it'".

Currently lagging just behind BiBi in polls - Tzipi has great favorability ratings and anything can happen - Tzipi Livni could very well become Little Satan's first grrrl leader since Golda Meir.

"Specifically, in a time when Israel is fighting for its existence, we cannot
allow ourselves to forget the aim, the common denominator and the shared values
that are all the meaning of the existence of Israel: a national homeland for the
Jewish people, a Jewish and democratic state.

These two values are connected to each other. This is the thing that connects us with each other."

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