Saturday, May 17, 2008

Soccer day again today, last one for the year. They won 8-1 (puts them 4-3 for the year with no streaks). Lil bit played excellently and the whole team looked real good, of course it was the last game so they would finally get it together :)

Haven't been posting a lot lately, work and family business have kept me busy, thanks to my co-bloggers for keeping up the slack heh
Goal #7 - very fast, almost didn't get it on tape

Goal #8 - the camera speeds up when I zoom :(

Almost #9 :( Great line, just missed


Colin Campbell said...

Yesterday was my sons first soccer game. It is an odd thing playing on a team for little kids. Just chase the ball seems to be the way to go. They have a great time all the same.

Ms Smack said...

hey! You're playing with your template again eh? I never know what template I'll get until I come here.

I do the Saturday morning sports thing too.

I love watching your little girl fly around like she is a warrior princess!

Lord Nazh said...

A lot of that Colin, but toward the end, there was a lot of passing and dribbling to go with it :)

MS: I like to change it occasionally :) If you head over to youtube (lordnazh) you can see them full size, I shrink them to fit on here

Beaman said...

Some little girl has been watching Man Utd's Wayne Rooney I see. :-p

Lord Nazh said...

funny, I don't think she has ever actually seen soccer on tv ;)

James Higham said...

Chase the ball is a good strategy.


 Recently played a few games on Caldera (warzone) and then... Lots of luck in this one, but satisfying