Tuesday, May 6, 2008

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Obama Strikes Back With Negative Ad
New York Times
By Ariel Alexovich As the campaigning for Indiana and North Carolina voters comes to a close, the Democratic presidential candidates are letting loose on one another over the TV airwaves.

I thought Obama was a 'new' kind of politician (/snark). There's basically no way the DNC is going to let this man lose, it would kill the party. It will be bad enough for them when he wins, because Hillary will probably have a majority vote (All Votes Count! TM) when it is over. This is almost guaranteed to split the Democratic party (how bad, no one knows; they could all pull together in time for McCain in November), yet a Hillary win would tear the party much worse (affluent whites, blacks hardest hit).

'DC Madam' apologized to mom, sister in suicide notes
The Associated Press
TAMPA, Fla. (AP) - The woman known as the "DC Madam" apologized to her mother and sister in suicide notes, saying she couldn't bear going to prison and saw killing herself as the only "exit strategy.

She vowed to never again go to prison, and she kept her word (although she also once said she couldn't imagine taking her own life). Hopefully the apology will help to close the chapter for the family and they will be able to take some solace in it.

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