Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fixing Failed States

" are wretched creatures who would not keep their word to you, you need to
keep your word to them."

This is significant

It's legitimacy. Efficiency.Responsibility.

What is a state? What makes it go? What makes it a success? What makes it totally suck? How can a failed state get fixed up?

Something like 40 to 60 nations - the bottom billion pop wise plus - have either collapsed into total failure or are swaying on the brink of collapse. They still manage to create and export. And they excell at it.

Misery Projection. Slave trading. Genocide. Gendercide. Conflict. Intolerance. Dope Dealing. Terrorism. WMD Craft Proliferation. Famine. Illiteracy.

The world famous internat'l community blinged billions.

Very obvious very quickly that corrupt, illegitimate, inefficient 'leaders' and govs are way too corrupt, illegitimate and inefficiently weak to act out like a real state and take care of biz.

Xenophobic slave trading regimes that consider the regimes survival above all else - delaying and gaining control of all humanitarian aid may be taken out. All the way out

As the shiny crib on the heights Great Satan got game. If UN can't be embraced in a death embracingly gripping kiss of death to enforce ideas, resolutions and concepts hammered out in good faith then the Hot! League of Democrazies may hook up and act out.

Regime change and creation of a functional democracy that's stable, hopeful and successful requires every trick in the book. A new school tactical practical mix that knocks off socks

"harnessing our collective energies and readjusting to emerging patterns."

There are 5 principalities to observe, shape and control in "Fixing Failed States":

Proactive intervention - accept the shared responsibility and recognize the
need for both cooperation, coproduction (and sharing) of wealth

The brand new baby state's duties and responsibilities

Defined Sequencing
Strategically adaptive.

Military activity can kill regimes - and in quick time. Communication of any type can be silenced - or even better - co opted to serve intervention.

Humanitarian aid - like literacy and/or health, relief and disaster blasters to rescue the perishing and care for the dying.

8 arms of gov will have to be imported quickly - authority spheres:

states, militaries, police, academics, biz, media, non-gov orgs, and labor unions and religions.

"Ashraf Ghani is a practitioner turned theoretician. Drawing on his background
at the World Bank and as the first post-Taliban finance minister of Afghanistan,
he together with Clare Lockhart develops a comprehensive framework for
understanding the problem of state-building.

This will be the central challenge underpinning world order in our globalized age, and offers practical solutions for meeting it."

A fun fast read, Fixing Failed States is an essential addition to any library for Great Satan's foreign policy avant-garde and intelligentsia. A very cool case for regime changing failed states and why the free world really has little choice than to get with it

Resource phat, with examples that offer a viable "framework" for fixing corruption and terrorism. Like Afghanistan, Sudan, Kosovo and Nepal as well as the world's success stories--Singapore, Ireland, and even the wrecked Confederacy.

Saving these nations should be the at the top of everyone's priority list. The world doesn't have a choice in an age of wmd crunked up fiefdoms that torment their own people and their neighbors. There is little front for even tolerating them.

"Fixing Fixed States --a framework for re-imagining the international
system. Essential optimism--an optimism that the authors have earned through their own substantial real-world efforts in failed states"

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