Friday, May 9, 2008

"Power And Coups"

Street fighting in Beirut? What's up? Is Little Satan's rowdy BDay Bash kickoff kicking something else off? Is Great Satan on another regime changing rampage?

Nope. Maybe.

Recent events could easily be interpreted that there is a 3 way battle going for Lebanon's very soul. And it's at the airport.

Lebanon's gov (what hasn't been blown up by Syria) is making a stand against a Resistance movement that seems more adept at resisting their own legit gov than any foreign chicanery.

Lebanon's Cabinet took action against Hiz'B'Allah - sacking the security chief at Rafik Hatriri Internat'l Aerodrome. General Wafiq Shucair lost his gig when the gov freaked about HBA real time super spy tech deployed at the airport.

Hey - that's fair - either he knew about such hanky panky - which would suggest some type of ties or even worse - he was totally obliviously conned. Either sucks on a resume'.

That air port is crucial real estate for Hiz'B'Allah. It's HBA's direct life line to Iran.

If the runway is held totally by the legit gov - HBA would fall under Syria's mercy for resupply.
"In the 1980's, during the Lebanese civil war, Syria established its dominant
position when it brokered a deal between the Shiite militias, Amal and
Hezbollah, and settled the feuds in the Palestinian camps. After that, Iran
found itself one
step removed from the surrogates it helped create."

Which would present Lebanon with yet another sovereignity oportunity.

Syria wants Lebanon really really bad - in the worst way. Exclusivity in gunrunning goodies to HBA would be a significant amount of pull in trying to reabsorb Lebanon by outright annexation. Besides, Syria may not be so fly about Mullahopolis blinging a billion bucks on their external weaponry.

Or Lebanon's sudden move to cut off communications with Hiz'B'Allah's CNC Centres and rocket artillery brigades.

Gloire's "Worst Case Scenerio" Site gossips that Little Satan
"first revealed that Iranian military engineers were installing a secret
underground telecommunications system to support Hizballah’s missile unit.

The network runs through south Beirut, the Beqaa Valley’s Yohmor region near the
Syrian border – where Hizballah and the Palestinian Popular Front-GC keep their
training facilities – and connect the southern towns of Tyre on the
Mediterranean with Abassieh, seat of Hizballah’s southern headquarters

For the ten months during which this military telecommunications network was
being installed, the Beirut government did not dare touch it.

Prime minister Fouad Siniora finally decided enough was enough when satellite
images provided by Western agencies showed work on connecting Hizballah’s
network with the communications and eavesdropping systems set up by the Syrian
army along the Lebanese border.
Military sources report that the two networks and their linkage are part of
military preparations by Iran, Syria and Hizballah for a possible new flare
up of hostilities with Israel."

Hiz'B'Allah is running out of friends
"Egypt supports the Lebanese government, as a constitutional institution
charged with looking after Lebanese affairs and with taking the necessary
measures to prevent its power and credibility being damaged"
Land of Sphinx and Pyramids Chief Foreign Affairs Minister Cat Ahmad Abu al-Gheit buzzed Lebanon late night and totally dissed HBA as illegit.

Corrupt Saudilander Prince Press urges reconsidering realization
"The kingdom urges the groups behind the escalation to reconsider their
position, and to realize that leading Lebanon toward turmoil will not bring
victory to any party except extremist external forces"

Be Gone! Lebanon's top rival cleric Grand Mufti Mohammed Rashid Kabbani confessed Lebanon was sick to death of Hiz'B'Allah, Syria and Iranian chicanery.
"End to these violations! Armed gangs of outlaws that have carried out the
ugliest attacks against the citizens and their safety. It is regrettable and sad
that an Islamic state is funding such infringements that hurt the unity of
Lebanese Muslims."

Vlad's FM Boris Malakov remembers old school war zone Beirut when Comrade Papa's Arafat's PLO Assets got exiled at gun point - sailing off for sunny climes like Tunisia. Lebanon was wrecked.

"Protecting Lebanon's sovereignty, political independence, peace and
stability necessitates constructive efforts free of foreign intervention."

This is significant. Vlad's cats worried about Foreign Intervention?

The UN pointed out not so old Sec Council Reso's like # 1701
Disarmament of Lebanese and non-Lebanese militias must take place through a
political process that will lead to the full affirmation of the authority of the
government of Lebanon throughout all of its territory."

Great Satan's Regime Changer Harry S Truman (fully crunk with 85 aircraft that swing both ways - air superiority and ground attack) just now hit the hood providing provacative proactive provocation for the easily provoked.

"Hizballah needs to make a choice: "Be a terrorist organization or be a political party, but quit trying to be both. They need to stop their disruptive activities now"

Hiz'B'Allah's Body Part Collecting General in Creep shed scary issues about collecting even way more body parts. Point Blank baybee.
"Any hand that reaches for the resistance and its arms will be cut off. The
issue is that there is an American plan that we are fighting against. This is
the nature of the crisis. We will not allow the airport to serve the CIA and Mossad, point blank."

Is Great Satan's plan to hit Hiz'B'Allah? Zooming out of Leb for a moment it may very well be the final deployments before a regional multi regime killing regime change en masse may be unveiled.

Brazenly, brilliantly, breathtakingly belligerent.

Annihilating a founding member of Hiz'B'Allah on St Valentine's Day, deploying Nassau Expeditionary Regime Changing Group just over the horizon, hooking it up with Truman, emboldening the Leb gov to take down HBA's commo and airlift logistics.

Best Buddy Arab Leaguers dissing the daylights out of rocket rich rejects and by extension their wanna hegemonically be Syrian bosses and their BFF's at Preacher Command in Tehran.

The Secretary General of HBA made a plea for some loving from the entire Arab World. This crisis is not about Hiz'B'Allah trying to coo sweet sha ria coups like a glorious song of righteous revenging resistance. "

If we wanted to stage a coup, you would have woken up this morning in prison, or
in the middle of the sea. All this talk of power and coups has no value.

The point is that there is a team serving the US to do what the US and Israel failed
to do, and that is stripping us of the resistance's arms. We do not need
anyone's help. I am not asking for anything but understanding. I am asking for
the sympathy of the Arab people"

Communication breakdowns, disarmament is really unfair - Hiz'B'Allah needs this magical cyber link to be a player.

The problem with a regular communications network is that it can be
tapped. Another problem is that a regular communication can be bombed. The
resistance cannot own hi-tech arms. The best means to face high technology is
simplification. Our communication network is a regular telephone network, and
is the most important weapon in any resistance.

In the July War, our strongest point was control because communication between leadership and field battles was secure, and this was confessed by the enemy. We are not a disciplined army; this is how we ensured success.

Many of our members died as martyrs because of landline and mobile phone communications. The most important request of Winograd was to [hit] the communication of Hizbullah. This network is neither new nor modern. It was updated, it's true.

Mobilizing, HBA has laid seige to the airport and started acting out. Hiz'B'Allah will fight before disembarking the airfiled or a communications breakdown.

"We have the right to defend our existence from whoever declares and begins a
war on us, even if they are our brothers. We do not advise you to try us. Whoever
is going to target us will be targeted by us. Whoever is going to shoot at us
will be shot by us.

Will Lebanon pull a Bad Bad Basra based Bad Bad Beirut? Totally take out illegal heavily armed militias?


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